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Sell this Sizzle not the Sausage? Find Out How.


Hey sweet people! If you’re looking for hand stamped sterling silver jewelry….check out metalpressions.com!! They’ve got some cool ideas!

At metalpressions.com, you’ll be able to choose your metal, your design and what piece to put it on! How cool is that?

Design a truly unique necklace with charm, cufflinks, wedding ring, just because ring, money clip or even guitar pick and so much more!
Hand stamped sterling silver jewelry makes a statement and creates a lasting memory!

How fun to design your very own hand stamped sterling silver jewelry!
Check out metalpressions.com and get started! It’s a small company with a big heart!

Question: Do you like to save money? Yep, thought so! Me too! If I could show you how, would you take a look? Click the link below:


Save money by earning cash back from all your online shopping! Shop where you want for the things you were gonna buy anyway! Easy-peasy!

Dubli gives you the best deals and the most cash back. At metalpressions.com get 9.7% cash back as a FREE member! That is money for nothing!! When you upgrade to VIP, you’ll get the most cash back from all your online shopping and here on metalpressions.com, they’ll give you 15.7% cash back!

For me, it’s important to make my spending dollars stretch as much as they can and I know you’re the same way. Don’t hesitate….if you do, money is being left on the table! :(

Hope this was helpful guys and I hope you have fun designing your own hand stamped sterling silver jewelry!

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Enjoy creating your new piece of jewelry!

Have a glorious day!
Jane :)

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